About school

PADI association has developed a number of special programs for children of different ages.

More recently, there was a program PADI Seal Team. Within its framework, children eight years and older, in the combined team of seals, study equipment and learn to breathe using it underwater. Held in the form of the game, the program combines elements of competition and adventure.

The course of love with a standard equipment to the ability to breathe with its use and swim under water, called PADI Bubblemaker (derived from the English word bubble – a bubble and maker – creator). Giving the name of the course is, the association PADI aptly children’s interest in the game of bubbles in silver twinkling of water. They start it with observations of this interesting phenomenon. It helps children 8-10 years to adapt to the new environment for them. Then it will be the first attempt to put on the gear, the first breath under water and swimming at a depth of no more than two meters.

The next step will be teaching a course PADI Junior Scuba Diver or Junior Open Water Diver. Here, all in adults: a textbook, video cassette to the course, tests, and even exam.

With the passage of the initial course PADI Open Water Diver Your child develops the same program,
as an adult, which consists of 3 parts:

First part. Theoretical course. It consists of five sessions lasting 2-3 hours each.

The second part. “The closed water” (the pool conditions). It consists of five sessions in the pool, it allows to work in a peaceful atmosphere skills needed during the dive, and consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired in the course of studying the textbook, watching videos and listening to lectures.

The third part. “Open Water” (in the open reservoir). The final part consists of 4 dives in natural waters, the depth of not less than 5 meters. Upon completion of the course the child receives international certificate PADI.