About us

In our diving school run by professional instructors with extensive experience teaching children scuba diving. Our instructors have a work experience of more than 15 years, trained at least 1,000 students and made more than 4,000 dives.

We have all the necessary equipment in small sizes (wetsuits for children, small tanks and compensators). In the courses we use only modern and reliable equipment of world producers. Anyone who has been trained in our dive center, offers a flexible system of discounts for the purchase and rental of equipment for diving.

Underwater diving vaccinated children important skills such as discipline, independence and ability to make their own decisions, even in complex situations. Teaching children diving promotes proper development and strengthening of the back and leg muscles. Sea has beneficial effects on the nervous system of the child.

After completing the course, our students feel confident underwater, know how to act in unusual situations, understand the laws of physics and how they affect your body during the dive, get a lot more information than that provided training standards.

We issue an international certificate of the most popular diving training system in the world – PADI, which is recognized worldwide.

Teaching children to dive possible after the child reaches 10 years of age.

Diving with the kids – this is an opportunity to be closer to his child, spend more time with him. Thanks to this active rest you will have common interests. In addition, plunging into the water with their parents, the child will feel as adults.